Karen's Story

We hope this email finds you and you family safe and healthy.  The new COVID environment has been challenging for us as a small business like so many others around the country.  In March we closed our old location.  During that time we were shocked to find out I have breast cancer. We had to do some real soul searching to determine the fate of our business.  Well, Sam and I are excited to announce we are moving forward with our new American Ninja Warrior gym.  I’ve started at home chemo treatment and am fighting to beat this thing.  I joke with Sam that I’ll have to steal his ninja name”The Survivor”.

Sam and I believe it is important to support our community! The last two years we have been privileged to build courses for and work with autistic  kids and adults, which has been so rewarding and such a life lesson on overcoming life’s obstacles.  My breast cancer diagnosis has led us to a new calling and a new purpose. Currently there is no cure for the type of breast cancer I have, only treatment.  A portion of our profits will go to research to find a cure. Research shows exercise has a huge impact on overcoming this disease! It has made me feel strong and healthy and given me the mindset to overcome this real-life obstacle.  If you or someone you love is fighting breast cancer, we are happily offering a free membership to our gym.


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