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Houstonians Sam Sann and Karen Madaras are excited to bring the most challenging and innovative ninja gym in the country to the Memorial Spring Branch area this November.

Legendary American Ninja Warrior Sam Sann has created a ninja experience for all ages and skill levels.   

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American Ninja Warrior Junior

 Have you heard the exciting news? American Ninja Warrior Junior for kids ages 9-14 premieres this Saturday 7/6 central on Universal Kids.

Watch for our very own @MightyMadelyn and see her hometown story.  See if you can spot her in the American Ninja Warrior Official Trailer.

Want to to learn to be a ninja warrior? Contact us for more information on classes and training.

Click here to watch the trailer

Ninja Warrior Playground

Sam Sann Warriors is excited to be building one of the first ninja playgrounds in the U.S. We can't wait to show you the end product and more importantly the kids conquering obstacles on our Sam Sann Warriors Playground.  Stay tuned! 

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