COVID Policy

COVID procedures:

Being in the high risk category by being immune compromised has given me a new perspective on safety during this time. Having said that, we have to take extra precautions and steps to ensure that our gym will be as safe as humanly possible.  Please call 832-427-7376 for more information or questions.  Below are the procedures we will have in place:

* Online check-in to minimize contact

*Small classes with the same group of kids.  Feel free to request a class with family members, friends and neighbors!

*Screening questionnaire required before entry

* Disinfecting shoes to ensure clean surfaces

*Everyone must use liquid chalk, which doubles as an effective cleanser (63% alcohol base)

*All obstacles will be sprayed down and disinfected with OdoBan after classes.

*Hand sanitizing stations

*New HVAC and ventilation system to provide necessary airflow

* Two 20 foot rolling doors to provide ultimate ventilation when temperatures permit.

We hope to see you join us as we take all of the necessary steps to make our gym as safe as possible for our kids and families! 

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